Thursday, June 19, 2008

The White Dove Flies On
by Prince Taw Phaya Galae

This poem is copied from " The Grand Old Lady": A Collection of Poems Presented to Ludu Daw Amar on Her Birthdays Between 1985 and 2005 by Prince Taw Phaya Galae.

Bullets, bombs, fire, and smoke
Rubble and corpses stinking on every slope
Blood, pieces of flesh, bones and ashes
Such devastation was struck by US imperialist forces.

PRESIDENT HO CHI MIHN had exclaimed:
'From ashes, we will build a NEW VIETNAM! '

That indeed has come true - VIETNAM IS ONE!
Never forget such atrocity!
Atrocity now has a new mask - humanity.

No more capitalism, imperialism and neo-colonialism?
Then, why are there still intervention and suppression?
Look round the world and you will find
People killing people all the time.

Smell off gunpowder, smoke, and corpses torn
Through such destruction the White Dove flies on and on
The famous Picasso's Dove - symbol of PEACE.

Our respected and beloved Sayargyi Thakhin Kodaw Hmaing's last
words will not cease:
' I want to see real PEACE before I die'
PEACE! PEACE! PEACE for people to survive.

Who will fulfill Sayargyi's sagacity?
Sayarmagyi, always trying to save people from poverty.

Sayarmagyi has turned 82 today,
May Sayarmagyi live long we all pray
Let's join hands with Sayarmagyi and the peoples of the world -
never to sway.

Prince Taw Phaya Galae.

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